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Herein Conditions of written materials, a list of products and services and materials from Web site Primorska Bank dd (hereinafter referred to as Primorska) rules which are required to abide by all users of the material. Therefore, please familiarize yourself with them in order to avoid any misunderstandings and consequences related to them.

www.primorska.hr Any use is subject to the conditions below.

All content published on the Primorska www.primorska.hr property and may be used only in private and non-commercial use and may not be copied, reproduced or distributed in any way without the written consent of the coast.

Primorska will make reasonable efforts to maintain www.primorska.hr site fully functional and that all published information is accurate and complete, but is not responsible for the occasional non-functioning site, the possible inaccuracy of information, nor for any damages caused by using incorrect or incomplete information or inability to access them.

Www.primorska.hr site is accessed via the Internet. Internet is an international computer network that does not directly control the coast, but is it only related and therefore can not guarantee the availability of services and information that is not directly controlled.

Primorska reserves the right to change any content published on www.primorska.hr at any time and without prior notice.

The above conditions apply to several segments:

Data Security

For safety data at this address, and to ensure that these services be accessible to all users, this computer system uses software programs to monitor visits to the network and identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information dispatch as well as those who might cause harm in some other way . Unauthorized attempts to dispatch or change information on this site are strictly prohibited.

Confidentiality of data

We emphasize that when you visit this site, your personal information will remain confidential, unless you do not want to voluntarily reveal. Pledge that, in addition to the legal investigation, we will give other parties the information we received.

In certain places within www.primorska.hr page in some time, coast to collect personal user information (name, address, company name, phone number, e-mail address, ...). These data will be used for contacts and records of users of this website and for statistical processing of attendance www.primorska.hr page. Primorska guarantee that the data collected in this way will not sell or in any way to third parties.


The contents of this site is protected by copyright, which belongs to the coast, coastal, or licensed, and is owned by third parties. Primorska also owns the copyright to edit, selecting and adjusting the content of this site. Furthermore, this site contains trade marks, names of individuals and other similar intellectual property in the possession of Primorska or owned by third persons, the holder of a maritime license. You may not consider that any content on this site for use without restriction. Can request permission to reproduce.

Any violation of the same rights, malicious or accidental, is a serious violation of the terms of use material from Internet pages and the coastal material and prosecute such perpetrators.

Warranties and denial of rights

The material on this site is available without warranties of any kind, either express or implied.

Each user expressly agrees to use this site to your own risk. Primorska does not warrant that this site will always be accessible and available, and will not contain bugs or viruses, or that it will be published information is accurate and reliable.

Primorska is not responsible for damage or injury (including, but not limited to, special or consequential damages) that may result from use of or inability to use any portion of this site, or something in it published or added by other users.

Furthermore, coastal assumes no legal responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the data, procedures shown here, and does not guarantee that use of the information, products or processes will not disturb private rights.

Primorska does not guarantee or right of objection regarding the accuracy and completeness of any material contained on its Internet site and the materials should be taken "as is" and coastal not be liable for any consequences that may result from different interpretations of the material website. Media entities and other users of this website, expressly agree to make compensation for maritime any and all claims, costs, damages or liability arising unconscientious using material from web pages by the same user, including any direct, indirect, incidental , special or consequential damages.

Accuracy of data

All information contained on our Internet site may not be entirely complete or accurate. Primorska does not guarantee full accuracy or completeness of the published data. In the rare event of an error coast will try to correct the same in its update web site content. Accuracy of the information published on the Internet sites mostly depends on how the presentation of data in publicly available sources. Coastal is based on our own research and collected data completed or changed noticeably inaccurate data.


You can at any time request a review of all personal data that we receive from you on one of our addresses on the network.We can at your request to update, correct or delete such information (if the relevant information is still contained in our databases), or in the future to stop using this information. If you wish to exercise this right, simply contact us at primorska@primorska.hr

Server statistics

Our global service network using statistical software programs for network management, which are used for the management of this site. These programs are a standard feature of all web servers and not just for our site. These statistical programs allow us to determine those data that most or least interest to our users, as the browser is necessary to introduce, the effectiveness of the structure of our site and our site visitors.

Dispatch e-mail message

When you send us an electronic mail (e-mail) with personal information by which you can identify, via e-mail message with questions or comments, we use this information to fulfill your request. We may e-mail sent to other employees who can better answer your questions.


We are doing everything in our power to ensure that all of you from our website direct to the Internet sites whose content is good in the sense that it does not encourage negativity. However, the sites and addresses on the network is changing rapidly, and we can not always guarantee the content of each address to which you focus. If you have any questions or doubts about our policy to protect personal data, or about your experience with the Internet address, please contact us at primorska@primorska.hr

Primorska Research

Publications and content contained on the web or any portion thereof may not be considered an offer or invitation to purchase any property or rights. Information, opinions, analysis, conclusions, forecasts and projections that are presented based on public statistical and other information which come from sources whose accuracy and completeness of the Primorska Bank dd trust, but not guaranteed. Therefore, information, opinions, conclusions, forecasts and projections presented in these publications and web site are subject to changes depend on changes in sources of information, as well as the changes that occurred from the moment of writing text to the reading. All securities and other assets which are mentioned in these documents and the web site may be subject to taking the position of the Primorska Bank dd All such assets and rights can bear the risk assessment on whose opinions expressed in this document can not influence. Document or its parts can not be copied or otherwise reproduced without quoting sources.